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Laura Rockett

The thing i have the hardest time "selling" in this whole entrepreneur-thing is me. But the reality is i am my business. In a town where 1000 people with a camera can achieve a satisfactory end product, it's always been difficult for me to tell people why they should go with me over the next person. Not because i don't believe I'm good at what i do. I am. The truth is, in investing your time (and money) with a photographer, you are investing in yourself and sharing a part of yourself with the person on the other end of the camera lens. In order to do this, you need to be able to trust them to bring to life the person that you are, your brand, your wedding day, etc. This intangible, elusive quality comes from the bond you form with your photographer. Some people for a moment, and some repeatedly over a lifetime.

>>So who am I? 
I'm your BFF. I'm the one who knows your mother is stressing you out on your wedding day, and you just need a moment alone to appreciate your soon-to-be husband and your to-die-for wedding dress. I understand what sacrifices you've made to create your brand, and I want to beautifully capture what you have poured so much into. I'm the one who knows where the best bow tie tutorials are for groomsmen learning to tie their bow tie in under 20 minutes on the wedding day. I'm here to add value to your brand, help you see the amazing beauty in yourself, or contribute to the fun of your wedding day.

Though my career began in advertising, devotion to living narratives drew me into practice as a photographer, a videographer, and above all, a story-teller. Fashion. Music. Love. Food. Laura's art gives a nod to old world charm, plays with modern sensibilities, and adds a touch of humor.

I am a visual artist specializing in photography and video production. From producing content for websites, portfolios, weddings, promotional videos, and profiles, I work with people to bring their stories to life. 

Telling powerful, visual stories in ways that words alone can not.

// Here I am adhering pretty strictly to my own personal style of what i call "casual-fancy" with just a little extra hair and makeup magic from Hallie Dunbar of Blush and Honey (who also took this photo)!

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