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Laura Rockett

Laura Rockett was born immersed in arts and culture. In New Orleans, that just happens. That means several things: Firstly, what other people call a coat closet, we use as a costume closet; Secondly, there is a profound need for brunch; And most importantly, this means she knows that every where and in every occasion there is cause to celebrate, even in the hardest of times. She spent time studying and expanding her world in Granada, Spain, and western Europe. She speaks Spanish (often times with wide eyes and a headache). Laura has a self-professed obsession with music, which she was imparted by her mother's music collection and her father's talented voice, and this love of music drew her to Nashville, where she currently resides (Hear what she's currently fixated on via Spotify).

Though her career began in advertising, Laura’s devotion to living narratives drew her into practice as a photographer, a videographer, and above all, a story-teller. Fashion. Music. Love. Food. These are just a few favourite subjects, not to mention people and the amazing work that they are creating. Inspired by a love of water, light, and poetry, Laura's art gives a nod to old world charm, plays with modern sensibilities, and adds a touch of humor (often dry, sometimes dark wit).

Laura is a visual artist specializing in photography and video production. From concept to delivery, Laura produces content for websites, portfolios, weddings, promotional videos, and profiles, working with people to bring their stories to life. 

Telling powerful, visual stories in ways that words alone can not.

Contact Laura for prices, booking, and to start telling your story.